How to watch IPL 2022 live for free

How to watch IPL 2022 live for free

How to watch IPL 2022 live for freeHello friends, how are you welcome, friends in today’s new article, Today’s article is going to be very important for you, because in today’s article, we will tell you how to watch IPL 2021 live for free. You will know that friends are starting from 09/04/2021, if you want to watch live in full HD quality from any SIM card in your mobile phone and at slow internet speed, then you must read this post carefully today. So let’s get started guys.

How to watch IPL 2021 for free

Friends, as you may be aware that most of the people in India are very big fans of IPL cricket matches who eagerly wait for the IPL cricket match and want to watch it on their mobile phones for free because a lot of people have subscription. There is nothing to worry about if you do not have the money to buy or buy a stadium ticket, because friends, there is nothing to worry about because today we will tell you some such methods by following which you too can watch IPL 2021 live on any SIM card network in mobile phone. If you want, then you must remain with us from beginning to end.


Friends, you must have heard about Hotstar, it is a very popular and popular application, through this you can watch the IPL Live Match cricket match TV serial movie show today program, Hotstar is considered to be India’s number one popular in terms of online match streaming. In this, apart from IPL, you can also watch international matches easily. If you want to watch IPL, then for this you have to subscribe to the auditor and after taking true Krishna you can easily watch the live broadcast of IPL on your mobile phone, apart from this, there are many applications available to watch PI live. Which helps you enjoy IPL for free.

How to watch matches on Hotstar

First of all visit the official website of Hotstar. Now as soon as you wait on Hotstar’s website, you will see the option of sports cricket up there, you have to select it, now here you will see the match that will be live, you have to click on it and as soon as you Click on it, the live cricket match will start in front of you.

Jio tv

Friends, if you are a live internet user, then you must know about the Jio TV app and a lot of you will also be using it. Jio TV provides you the facility to watch live TV channels on mobile absolutely free. You can also watch IPL live cricket matches through this app, but for this you must have a connection of Jio because without the Jio app you cannot enjoy this feature. Apart from this, through this app you can watch your favorite TV serials, movies live cricket matches etc. If you are a cricket lover then you can enjoy all the cricket matches live through the Jio app.

How to watch live matches in live tv app

First of all, you have to download the Jio TV app from the Google Play Store.

After downloading the application, you have to open this app and after that it will ask for some permission, you have to allow the permission.

Now after this, you have to select the support option at the bottom and as soon as you click on the option of Sports, you will see a lot of matches here and after that you will also see live matches here, which match you have to watch. You have to click on it

Now as soon as you click on that match, the same live match will be played in front of you, then friends, thus you can watch the IPL live cricket match through Jio TV.

Tata Sky

Friends, if you have Tata Sky, then you can watch the live broadcast of IPL on your mobile phone only, for this you have to download and install the Tata Sky application from Google Play Store in your mobile phone but you need to keep in mind here The thing is that you can watch IPL live on mobile through the Tata Sky app only if you have subscribed to the channel broadcasting Tata Sky’s IPL live.

Like friends, suppose that IPL is being broadcast live on a TV channel and if you have added that channel to your Tata Sky, that is, its subscription is done then only you can watch the IPL live broadcast on your mobile phone. , Friends, through this app you can watch live broadcast of IPL on 5 mobiles for free, this truck has been used by the users of Tata Sky for a long time, the person who has to watch live IPL broadcast in his mobile phone, he Writing in his group subscribes to one of the Tata Sky and after that he can watch the live broadcast of IPL in his mobile phone for free by installing the Tata Sky mobile app on his mobile from the Google Play store.


Twitch This is the most popular and popular live streaming platform in the world. Friends, Twitch is the most used by the game players to do live streaming but sometimes when the season of IPL season starts, a lot of people live on this app for IPL. Let’s broadcast it, friends, it’s live broadcast is risky but if you get a live link IPL live broadcast on Twitch from anywhere, then you can watch live broadcast of IPL from your mobile phone absolutely free.

But the thing to keep in mind here is that the license to broadcast IPL live is given to some famous and big company only, so if you broadcast IPL live anywhere, then you may have to pay a heavy fine if If you follow our advice, then if you stay away from such IPL live streaming platform, then it will be better for you and to watch live broadcast of IPL, you should use a licensed application.

Thop TV

Friends tell you for your information that it is the world’s best known and famous live video streaming application. Through this app you can watch your favorite TV serial IPL cricket match movies etc. programs absolutely free and in full HD quality on your mobile phone. You can see, but friends, there is a problem of this application that it is not available on the Google Play Store. To download this app, you have to resort to a website.

The special thing of this app is that you do not have to take any solution for this, through this app you can watch TV program IPL live match movies etc. for absolutely free, friends for your information. Explain that only IPL and livestar license is for live streaming of IPL and any other platform broadcasts IPL live, then it falls under the category of a crime and with this type of platform you can watch live broadcast of IPL In the future, you may have to pay a lot of fines, so we would like to advise you to always watch from a platform with a live streaming license.

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Friends, in this article today, we have given you related information from IPL 2021 live Kaise Dekhen free mein, IPL 2021 live Kaise Dekhen or how to watch IPL match live and I hope that you have understood the information given by us well. And you must have liked the information given by me and friends, if you have any question or suggestion in your mind, then you must write it in the comment box. Do it so that he too can watch live streaming of IPL on his mobile phone. Thank you.

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