Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks in Hindi 2021

Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks in Hindi 

Best tips and tricks for playing free fire games

Hello friends, welcome once again in your new article, today we are going to tell you that the complete information about Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks in hindi 2021 is sure to read this post from beginning to end. Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks are very important to know for those who play Free Fire. Knowing Free Fire Best Tips, you guys will know a lot about Free Fire Diamond Hack, so we are going to tell you about some of the best Free Fire Diamond Hack which are very good tricks from others tricks.

Friends, today, over 500 million downloads have been done on the Google Play store playing free fire online games, along with this, today free fire has become a very popular game. The mobile game is his 200 most important thing is that it has been created by all of us, knowing free Fire’s best tips and tricks, you guys will easily become Free Fire Pro with Diamond Hack.

Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks

Friends, in today’s time, people who play free fire games know all this very well that it is very important to use free fire diamond game hack. Free Fire Diamond Hack is used only in free fire best tips and tricks friend. The most important thing is that your free fire game play is considered to be the best, which if your device performs well, then let people know that half of your work is done, thus you become free fire pro Let’s go ahead, now it comes to the fact that free fire is the best tips and tricks which are very important for you to go to.

 1. Settings and Sensitivity:

Friends, you can set your sensitivity according to your device. On a device with 2GB of RAM, you can keep the accessibility settings higher, if someone plays it on the default century setting, then for you free fire is the best tips and tricks. Sometimes someone And do not have to copy the century setting, doing so can result in a big flaw in the performance of your free fire game.

Friends, by using the best free fire settings according to you, you can improve your reaction time in free fire, you can do all the settings according to yourself, only then you can go and call yourself pro in free fire.

1.General: 100

2.Red Dot: 30

3.2x Scope: 52

4.4x Scope: 66

5.AWM Scope: 82

2. Improves Your Aim-

But friends, you are really trying to get the best free fire tips and tricks, then it is important for you to do your Aim Improvement and you can do all this when you play the most free fire, so you are the most important people. What happens is the practice of playing free fire daily so that you can make your game better and better.

So friends, you have to practice the game every day. It is considered best to practice in a solo mood. If it takes a lot of practice to become a pro in free fire, if you guys are constantly working very well, then you are one shot kill. You will also learn to do it easily.

3. Loot in the Open:

If you rob in the open while playing a free fire game, you find it very dangerous for you guys. Our next free fire tips and tricks are concerned about the fact that you will always have to be alert while robbing yourself. When you loot open in free fire, you can easily give enemies and I can suit you too.

Friends Free Fire Diamond Hack Trick You will always have to move while looting people, if you learn to keep doing this movement always, then it will be very difficult for the enemy, in such a way, you can easily propose free fire. This way you will like Free Fire Best Tricks and Tricks.

4. Best Aim Precision:

If friends your target is weak then try to be accurate target without scope with default setting, instead you can put more headshot and friends gradually your target becomes very good. These features make you live pub In mobile, aim-assist is like a shoulder if you people will also see many videos on popular video platform YouTube, which will learn you the best Aim Precision and this will prove to be good for you free fire best tips and tricks.

5. Fights in Shrink Zone:

Friends, 80% of players who play free fire games are scared when Zone Shrink is happening. This is an early John, but in such a situation, you have to get away from the fight. From the perspective of a game it is said that we have to fight only when We are receiving Advantage from somewhere. Winning Free Fire Tricks for any player who plays Free Fire is that the John of the Last is getting the most alert because the loss or victory is decided in June itself, so you have a little chance that you will get a little of the game. She makes a winner.

Which mobile does free fire work in?

Friends, in today’s time, you must have heard about many mobiles, Free Fire support is available in all smartphones. OK friends, you need to have at least 2GB RAM in your mobile, only then you can play free fire games very well in this way. There will be no problem of anything in your mobile, Free Fire can run in all types of mobiles like Redmi Vivo Oppo Samsung supports all such mobiles, you can choose any of these types of mobile free fire. I can take you to entertainment.

How to play free fire on Jio phone?

If you can not play free fire game in Jio phone, you can play free fire game only for Android and iOS phone, so friends Jio phone works on KAI OS, so you people can not play free fire game in Jio phone. Can play

Smart Tech Gaming

Friends, it will be good for you guys that you will have to stay away from some kind of fake news, which keeps telling you how to play in your free fire live phone. This is all false. Free fire games can be played only in smartphone iOS phones right now. is. By knowing about Free Fire Best and Tricks, you can easily play Free Fire Game and we can also win Headshot Tips from it, it helps a lot in winning the game.

I hope you guys now know that full information about Free Fire Best Tips and Tricks in hindi 2021 because in this post we have told you all the tips of free fire post if you are still facing any problem. You can easily solve any problem in the comment box. Thank you very much for the 3X post.

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